One Way

one way


“Part punk, part hard rock with a smattering of classic rock, the band isn’t exactly the kind of act you hear on Delmarva every day, but it will certainly get your attention” (Beachcomber Magazine)

“Great Timeless Rock” – Steve Duetsche (Spacebar Recordings)

“Killer CD” – Roger Hillis (Delmarva’s Coast Press)

“I’ve been listening to ‘One Way,’ and it rocks! Great stuff.” Katie Wais (Go! Magazine)

My Version of It was formed in 2000 in New Castle, Delaware. A blend of punk infused blues, southern rock and indie rock, MVOI can count many area hard rock, southern rock, punk and modern rock bands as their cohorts. Although some can clearly see the influence of classic American songwriters like Warren Zevon and late 1960s era Bob Dylan most compare MVOI’s rock us sound to that of heavier bands like Overkill, Motorhead, Blackflag with the Southern Rock sensibilites of Blackfoot and Shooter Jennings.

One Way

My Version of It’s latest album “One Way” will be released December 2007, recorded at Death Star III recording studio in South Philadelphia, PA.


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