Deep Cuts

1Leatherface Presents Deep Cuts 00:32
2Lesson #130 02:16
3Lesson #22 02:02
4Lesson #151 02:46
5Lesson #153 03:44
6Lesson #155 02:37
7Lesson #147 02:40
8Lesson #12 00:23
9Lesson #144 04:06
10Lesson #148 02:21
11Lesson #149 02:35
12Lesson #136 01:43
13Lesson #150 02:45
14Lesson #145 03:23
15Lesson #193 00:20

Leatherface Presents My Version of It’s Deep Cuts is an all new album recorded in 2022-2023 by the collective. The songs all date from 2012 and fill in the gap between 2011’s Are You Sure? and 2013’s Will Thrill You In Minutes. The original demos for the album were lost and it was never completed until the band decided to revive the songs and rerecord them for the mysterious missing album’s 10th anniversary.

Presented here by Canadian wrestling death match icon, Leatherface, Leatherface Presents Deep Cuts is one of the band’s heaviest, most cohesive and strongest albums to date. Enjoy these all new recordings and many songs heard for the very first time with Deep Cuts.


released March 15, 2023

Recorded by the MVOE in 2022 and 2023 in Delaware and NJ.
All songs written by My Version of It (Morris, Brown, Schmidt/.BMI)
Except Lesson #12 and Lesson #22 by Morris, Brown, Schmidt, Reiss
Introduction written and performed by Leatherface.

All songs (c) 2012/2022 MVOI
Except Lesson #12 (2000) and Lesson #22 (2002)
All songs (p) 2023 10x Records

Sexfinger: Guitar, Voice, Accordion
Matt Slaps: Guitar, Bass
Noisy V: Drums

Special Appearance by Rick Patterson


(c) (p) all rights reserved


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