Year of the Comet

he New Album was recorded over the summer of 2009 in Haddon Heights, NJ at Gradwell House and contains 13 previously unreleased tracks.

This is the return to form album for MVOI after 2007’s classic/southern rock spoof “One Way” and features the first appearance of Dr. Best on Bass since 2001’s “Unknown Members” and the very first MVOI album to feature lead and live guitarist Matt Schmidt

Tracks include:

The controversial, “Come All Night”

“Nunc Dimittis” penned in 1997 by a 19 year old Jared Morris

Our ode to life in Delaware “Delawareification”

The Talk Box influenced “Course Correction”

The Carl Sagan Tribute “A Star Falls To Earth”
and the former Year of the Comet Band song “Pyrite”
and many more.

Year of the Comet


year of the comet


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