Will Thrill You In Minutes

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Delaware Punk Rock Band My Version of it’s eighth studio album was recorded using only a generator in a mini-storage unit in New Castle, Del.

New Castle, DE, April 15, 2015 –(myversionofit.com)– Generators can be deadly when used improperly; they can be life savers when used during a power outage. They can be used to power a rock band without a home.

When Delaware Punk Rock Trio, My Version of It, set out to record their eight studio album, “Will Thrill You In Minutes”, they didn’t intend to make a statement about life off-the-grid. “We lost our practice space and we needed a home,” My Version of It vocalist Jared Morris explained. “Dave, our drummer, had the idea after watching several episodes of Storage Wars, to find a local mini-storage place that would allow us to set up shop.” They found such a place, Morris said. “They said we could practice there, they didn’t mind the volume, but they didn’t provide free electricity.” That’s when Dave Grind, the band’s drummer, decided to buy a generator. The band not only practiced in the mini-storage unit for months they also decided to record an album. “It sounded good in there and we’ve never been totally happy with being rushed in the recording studio, so we decided to give

it a shot ourselves in the storage unit.”

The result is the 17-song eighth studio album “Will Thrill You In Minutes.” Recorded in a storage unit, mixed in New Castle by lead guitarist Matt Schmidt and mastered in Portland, Delaware’s My Version of It say they hope “Will Thrill You In Minutes” takes DIY ethos to a different level. It is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. My Version of It is Dave Grind, Jared Morris and Matt Schmidt. For more My Version of It visit www.myversionofit.com


released December 29, 2014

copyright 2014 My Version of It

all songs written by myversionofit
except Who Killed Cock Robin? and Nonesuch, Trad. arr by MVOI


all rights reserved

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