We Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (2021)

We Love Rock ‘n’ Roll (LP) is a sometimes indie rock, sometimes punk rock/alternative album of 13 all new recordings. It will be My Version of It’s 8th full length album on 10x Records. To be released on August 27th, the set shows the band tackle social and political topics with melodic but loud backing. It is their first album of new songs since 2018’s Time For Noisy USA. Utilizing guitar, bass and drums, plus saxophone, accordion, talkbox and samples, the album is unconventional for a rock disc. It was named for and includes a cover of hardcore wrestling legend Terry Funk’s We Hate School from his Japan-only LP, 1984’s Great Texan. Penned by “the Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, it has been a staple of MVOI live shows throughout the last few years.


LP: We Love Rock ‘n’ Roll
Release date: August 27, 2021
Press streaming copy: tinyurl.com/welovernrpreview


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