Not Far From Now (2012)

1.Lesson #148 02:25
2.Lesson #147 02:44
3.Lesson #155 03:00
4.Lesson #144 04:09
5.Lesson #149 02:34
6.Lesson #151 03:05
7.Lesson #74 (live) 01:49
8.Lesson #145 03:03
9.Lesson #150 03:13
10.Lesson #144 (Live) 04:22
11.Lesson #145 (Live) 03:16
12.Lesson #148 (Live) 02:28

Not Far From Now, The Accent Music Demos.

Intended as a follow-up to 2011’s Are You Sure?, My Version of It began demoing songs for their next album. Several obstacles manifested. Original and returning Unknown Member bassist Dr. Best exited the band during the recording of AYS. This was following the exit of bassist Groobz in 2009. To further complicate things, MVOI had to move out of their practice space and take up shot at a for-rent practice studio. This made demoing songs difficult because they were on a time schedule and didn’t have their studio equipment. Prior to the move, MVOI recorded quick mostly live demos of the 17 new songs they had been rehearsing. These in-progess demos were lost when their 16-track DAW had a hard drive failure.

In 2013 MVOI moved to a storage unit in New Castle, DE to rehearse and record. The result was the 2013 generator powered “Will Thrill You In Minutes” which is decidedly faster and less extravagant as their 2012 demos. But what happened to their 2012 Unreleased album?

The band was able to piece the album together with rough demos and mix-downs collected from their personal archives that were made before the hard drive failure that ultimately deleted the masters. This is what’s left of the album that would have been if MVOI had been able to record it professionally at the time. It’s presented here as an archive into one of the lost eras of the band.


released March 28, 2020

all songs Brown/Morris/Schmidt
Recorded in 2012 at Accent Music, Wilmington, DE and Middletown, DE
Mixed and touched up 2020 in Georgetown DE

Sexfinger: Guitar/Voice
Matt Slaps: Bass/Guitar
Dave Grind: Drums


all rights reserved


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