Saviour Corn EP

1.Cult House 01:29
2.PSA #02 00:54
3.Lesson #59 02:54
4.PSA #03 00:30
5.Lesson #198 02:42
6.PSA #04 00:39
7.Lesson #199 02:56
8.PSA #05 00:42
9.Lesson #200 04:10
10.PSA #06 05:28


How ’bout Matt’s Power Chords or Uncle Grunt’s Saxophone to do the trick? A guitar solo by “The Sexfinger” might make you feel good. Noisy V will take you on a motorcycle ride you won’t forget. And Dr. Best’s just waiting to get you good.

You wanna step into the music-shoes of Noisy VI, SexfInger and Matt SLaps? Well, quit dreamin’ and download this EP. Listen to the great ones, one song at a time or in multiple track action. With dozens of classic songs plus each man’s signature moves, it’s the most realistic music encounter you’ll find this side of the New Castle Square Circle Mall.

These are they guys you listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and CDS! And Brian Clymer, Delaware’s premeir voice-mailer, makes every guest appearance!

C’mon Jon “Groobz” and Tito Santana are ready to go a song with you and a friend, or…you be them! Be ’em all — give yourself a Super EP.

This EP was written and recorded during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. It was recorded remotely in VIneland, NJ, Wilmington, DE, Georgetown, DE, San Diego, CA, Newark, DE and New Castle, DE. The first set of all new-MVOI songs since 2018’s Time For Noisy USA. The EP was recorded to celebrate the 20th year of My Version of It. All of the former members of the band, as well as the current members, contributed.


releases February 14, 2021

All songs by MVOI (except “Cult House” by Schmidt/Groobz)

My Version of It is
Sexfinger: Guitar/Accordion/Vox
Matt Slaps: Guitar/Bass
Noisy V: Drums/Backing Voice
Dr. Best: Lead Guitar
Groobz: Vocals
Uncle Grunt: Saxophone

Guest appearances by El Matador and BEC.


all rights reserved


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