Doctor Goose

22 Timeless Hardcore Nursery Rhymes for you and your little headbanger.

Good For The Gander
*****This is the extended edit of the original Good For The Gander album created for digital streaming sites. For the original, unedited version go to the 10x Records bandcamp page: *****

From Delaware-based 10x Records comes the debut album from the nursery-core black metal outfit Doctor Goose. Good For the Gander available to sample now and available for sale and stream everywhere on 07/19/19.

Good for the Gander is the long-awaited debut album of 22 hard-core metal nursery rhymes for your headbanging little ones. Featuring well-known and well-loved nursery rhymes and counting songs. Includes “Metal Goes the Weasel”, “Mary Had a Little Goose”, “Ba Ba Black Metal” and more.

The basic tracks for Good for the Gander were recorded in a storage unit at Churchman’s Mini Storage in New Castle, DE on generator power in 2014. Background vocals were later provided by 10x band My Version of It. While being mixed the files were lost during a catostrophic harddrive failure. However, the project was revived when the band found the thought-lost original tracks on a back up harddrive in late 2018. Doctor Goose recorded overdubs and  more


released July 19, 2019

Recorded by Matt Sandwich at Churchman’s Mini Storage in New Castle, DE. Mixed by The Sexfinger at Goose Creek

Artwork by Sexfinger and Dave Grind.

released July 19, 2019

All songs Traditional, Arranged by Dr. Goose.

Recorded on Generator Power in 2014 at Churchman’s Mini-Storage in New Castle, DE. Ed’s House in Dover DE 2015 and The Sexfinger Farm 2019 in Georgetown, DE. Produced by Matt Sandwich and The Sexfinger. Artwork by Sexfinger and Dave Grind.

Doctor Goose is
Dr. Glou Glou – Guitar/Vocals
Dr. Coin Coin – Bass/Vocals
Dr. Cotcotcodet – Drums/Vocals


all rights reserved

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