Lesson #60 (Single)

Lesson #60 dates back to 2004 following the recording of the From the Mothman 6 EP, MVOI began trying out new songs in front of crowds in their home state. Though 60 never materialized on an album it was a favorite of sets and live acoustic performances by Jared Morris. It was even performed on his guest-hosting gig on WOCM in Ocean City in late 2004.

The song was dusted off in 2016 for possible inclusion on the Time For Noisy USA album. The basic tracks were recorded then, but the gang felt there was still work that needed to be done on it, so it was once again shelved.

in 2018, during a break from writing a new album, the gang took another look at Lesson #60, added some overdubs to the original basic 2016 tracks, and voila. Here it is.

Kincaid is a song written around 2006. Never performed live, it was demoed in 2006 as just drums and guitar. Feeling the song lacked something, the gang decided to revisit it later. My  Version of It stumbled upon it again in 2017 while preparing the NMO Demos archival release. Deciding it wasn’t ready for release, they copied the drum tracks from the hard drive of their old 16 track digital workstation and earmarked it for later overdubs. In March of 2018 guitars, bass and vocals were added to the 2006 tracks. Still feeling like the song needed a hook, Sexfinger composed an eight bit accompaniment racked it and added it to the now 2006+2018 demo. It was decided to be released alongside the very fine Lesson #60 – available now.\

Artwork by Super Creep Designs (SCD) and WEB Dubois


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