Time For Noisy USA

1.Lesson #180 
2.Lesson #173 
3.Lesson #172 
4.Lesson #175 
5.Lesson #36 
6.Lesson #189
7.Lesson #171 
8.Lesson #176 
9.Lesson #169 
10.Lesson #166 
11.Lesson #174 
12.Lesson #179 
13.Lesson #125 
14.Lesson #181 
15.Lesson #170 
16.Lesson #158 
17.Lesson #07 
18.Lesson #167
19.Lesson #31 
20.Lesson #107
21.Lesson #153
22.Lesson #182
23.Lesson #06 
24.Lesson #168
25.Lesson #178

2021 Deluxe Edition My Version of It’s 2016 release “Time For Noisy USA” Contains 25 songs, One hour of music. Original album remastered. 10* unreleased tracks, 2 lost songs.



releases November 5, 2021

Original Album Recorded and Mixed by by Matt Slaps
Deluxe edition overseen by SFX.
New instruments and vocals recorded by Jared Morris
New artwork by Dave Grind

Noisy V: Drums, Backing Vocals
Matt Slaps: Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sexfinger: Guitar, Accordion, Programming, Vocals.

All songs written by My Version of It.
Except 158 & 182. Music: Traditional arranged by MVOI, lyrics by MVOI.

*Contains songs from the limited release EPs “Six is too much, you see but six is the maximum” and “Two Hammers Would Suffice”

Lessons #125, 181 an 170 contain elements of the previously released “How We Roll”, “Abraham Linkedin Job Hunter” and “Crazy Does It.”

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